There have been a lot of senior management changes at Fleetwood Enterprises Inc. since the NexGen Activity Support Vehicle (ASV) was introduced to a select audience at the Louisville Show in 2000.
But the NexGen project remains alive as a “concept vehicle,” said Bob Rogers, manager of consumer marketing for the Riverside, Calif.-based company. “No specific production date has been established.”
Fleetwood dealers and reporters were allowed to see a NexGen Class A motorhome prototype during the Louisville show late in 2000, but no photographs were allowed.
The target market of the NexGen prototype, at least as of two years ago, was the extreme sports-enthusiast children of Baby Boomers who want a motorhome that is “more in tune with the rugged outdoors as opposed to the comfortable outdoors, said Nelson Potter, who was Fleetwood’s president and COO at the time.
However, Potter left Fleetwood last February and he was replaced in August by Ed Caudill, a former PACCAR executive who now is Fleetwood’s president and CEO.
Most likely, the NexGen project remained on the backburner because of the huge financial losses Fleetwood incurred during its fiscal years 2001 and 2002.
Additionally, during the last several months, Fleetwood’s designers focused on refreshing the company’s long-established “bread & butter” motorhome brands.
Fleetwood does expect to return to profitability during the current quarter, so maybe the NexGen will become more than a concept after all?