Fleetwood Industries Inc., Riverside, Calif., has combined a folding camping trailer with an open toy hauler platform in the new Scorpion SURV trailer. Designated an activity support vehicle (ASV) by Fleetwood, the Scorpion includes a 12-foot by 8-foot platform that can accommodate as many as four ATVs or serve as a patio when parked. “The Scorpion came about as a marrying of what we saw as an unmet need in the marketplace with the knowledge that we have about what can be done,” said Luc van Herle, Fleetwood director of product planning during the Scorpion’s unveiling at the Louisville Trade Show. With a base price of $14,418, the Scorpion, shown with a bold black and yellow paint scheme, features two sleeping positions, three-burner ranges, microwave ovens, powder-coated cabinetry and waterproof countertops.