Stranded residents of a southern Alberta, Canada, RV park are trying to get a new bridge built after flooding wiped away their only access road, according to the Calgary Sun.
Dozens of people who live seasonally and year-round in RVs in the Okotoks Wilderness Campground have been trapped for over a week by the Sheep River. The river carved a new channel during last month’s floods, turning the park into an island.
Thirty-seven RV units and 11 vehicles are locked on high ground by river water now running on all sides of the area.
Residents say they feel they’ve fallen between the cracks of the relief system helping people deal with flood damage. Their attempts to get municipal or provincial government aid after June’s heavy rains have been unsuccessful so far.
Flooding destroyed the entrance road and wiped out the campground’s showers, washrooms and laundromat, but power is still available.
“We’ve contacted all kinds of agencies, and they say there’s nothing they can do,” said permanent resident Urban Harty, 68. “Nobody will help us because our trailers have suffered no damage.”
Harty said residents built a temporary footbridge with rope support to access the campground, but have been told by town firefighters to take it down out of safety concerns.
Residents want a traffic bridge so they can return to normal living or at least retrieve their property, said RV owner Shawn Boylan.
Some residents have leased cars for work and shopping, while others have been forced to find other lodging.
“We need help because we’re homeless and using the kindness of friends and family to get by – plus we have significant investment in a trailer we can’t get out,” Boylan said.