Florida Gov. Jeb Bush officially declared the state to be a part of the “RV Friendly” highway sign program, signing the new law into effect on June 8.
According to a press release, the law is designed to help recreational vehicle travelers more easily locate establishments that cater to their needs. Florida joins Louisiana and Oregon as the only states to pass this legislation.
The “RV Friendly” markers – bright yellow circles with crescent smiles under the letters RV – could appear on Florida highways as early as this fall.
Local businesses such as restaurants, hotels, travel destinations, attractions and gas stations will be able to place the “RV Friendly” markers under their “Gas-Food-Lodging” highway signs as long as they meet state requirements, including large parking spaces, entrances, exits and overhang clearances.
“We are thrilled to be one of the first states to get on board with this national program,” said Florida RV Trade Association’s (FRVTA) Executive Director Lance Wilson. “As popular a destination as Florida is for many RVers, we felt it was extremely important for us to push for this legislation and be one of the first states to get these signs up on the highway as soon as possible.
“We’d like to thank Rep. Stan Jordan (R-Jacksonville) for his help in getting this bill passed and signed into law.”