With a stroke of a pen on June 8, 2005, Florida Gov. Jeb Bush officially declared Florida to be a part of the “RV Friendly” highway sign program. The law is designed to help recreational vehicle travelers more easily locate establishments that cater to their needs.
According to the Florida Recreation Vehicle Trade Association (FRVTA), the “RV Friendly” markers – bright yellow circles with the letters “RV” – have already started going up on Florida highways.
Local businesses such as restaurants, hotels, travel destinations, attractions and gas stations will be able to place the “RV Friendly” markers under their “Gas-Food-Lodging” highway signs as long as they meet state requirements, including large parking spaces, entrances, exits and overhang clearances.
“These signs will make a huge difference for RV travelers in our state,” said Rep. Stan Jordan (R-Jacksonville). “When they see the ‘RV Friendly’ logo on a sign, they will know with confidence they can get in, get the service they need and get out safely. As an added benefit, businesses who participate should see an increase in the RV vehicles they provide service to.”
FRVTA said Rep. Jordan was influential in getting this legislation passed last year.