Residents at recreational vehicle and mobile home parks along Florida’s coastline that have enjoyed picturesque views and access to some of the world’s premier beaches are being evicted.
According to an article in Florida Today, developers are buying up prime property and building higher-priced condominiums and resorts.
“People are being evicted all over the state, especially along the coast,” said Don Hazelton, president of the Federation of Manufactured Home Owners of Florida.
Residents at one park, Carver’s Cove in Cape Canaveral, said they were notified several months ago that they had a year to vacate because the property would be turned into condominiums. The property was sold last May for $1.5 million.
Other park owners in Cape Canaveral’s Brevard County have been approached with offers to buy their properties but declined to talk about them. Hazelton said there is no doubt others on the Space Coast eventually will sell.
“Land has become so precious and has become so expensive,” he said. “There is no land to develop, so they are targeting the mobile home parks. I’ve heard from parks that say, ‘I’ve been approached by developers for two years, but this offer I just can’t refuse.’ ”
Hazelton said the trend to convert the parks to condominiums or other development has accelerated across the state in the past four years.
Since the Florida Mobile Home Relocation Corp. was created in 2001, residents from 55 mobile home communities statewide have sought its assistance. But some never seek help because they are compensated by park owners.