Officials in Charlotte County, Fla., said the phaseout has begun at the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) park in Punta Gorda, according to the Charlotte Sun Herald.
Following Hurricane Charley last summer, about 550 mobile homes and travel trailers were temporarily located on property to house dispaced victims.
As of Aug. 1, 511 of the trailers were still occupied, with a total population of 1,640 people, according to numbers released by FEMA. That number does not include people living in temporary FEMA housing elsewhere, either in travel-trailer parks or in trailers located in front of homes.
The lease term was for 18 months, giving residents through Feb. 13, 2006 to find new housing or return to their previous residence. But a lack of affordable housing coupled with a backlog on repairs has prevented many victims from moving out of the park.
County officials continue to work with FEMA to assist residents of the park in locating permanent housing through frequent meetings with the residents and the development of Resource Days.
Resource Days will bring together residents of FEMA housing with a variety of community organizations and businesses that can assist them in locating housing, grants or financial assistance to complete the relocation process.