Maybe you’ve heard of Airbnb and VRSO, but did you know there is a site for RV rentals as well?

As reported by the Destin Log, now for a fraction of the price of staying in a hotel, you can rent a posh recreation vehicle (RV) from a local Destin, Fla., resident on rvshare.com.

The website allows users to search by location, price, distance and number of occupants the RV sleeps, and each RV owner can choose the details of the rental agreements.

“We’ve been up and running for four years now,” said Partnership Director of RVshare Gaby Cuda. “RVshare is currently the largest peer-to-peer RV rental network in the world.”

When asked how long Destin has been operating in the rental side of things, Cuda said she couldn’t pinpoint that data, but she did say Destin is a hot market for RV rentals right now.

“We have around 70 units available to rent located in the city of Destin alone,” she said. “From the beginning, Florida has been, and always will be, one of our larger and more important markets for RV rentals.”

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