Brooksville, Fla., restaurant owner Mary Smith said there was always one thing she could count on when the dreary and colder days of winter set: The arrival of scores of RV owners.

The Tampa Tribune reported that with the annual Family Motor Coach Association (FMCA) RV rally only about 10 minutes away at the airport, handfuls of “regulars” would drive into town and patronize her Mykonos II  restaurant.

Over 16 years, these people developed friendships with staff and other RVers and it was truly a family affair, she said.

That’s why Smith was disheartened when she heard the Southeast FMCA board voted to move the rally to Sarasota starting next year.

“I’m genuinely going to miss them,” Smith said. “We always had so much fun when they came.”

It hurts economically and it hurts because emotional attachments are severed, she said.

“We got a little burst (economically) in the middle of winter time that was always appreciated,” Smith said. “It’s kind of sad. It really is. It’s something that we all looked forward to.”

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