Officials in Pembroke Park, Fla., northwest of Miami and southwest of Fort Lauderdale, recently finalized a new fee that affects RV owners, according to The Miami Herald.
They must pay the town $25 a year for an annual permit. The fee is for people who live in their RVs year-round, avoiding paying for such services as police and fire protection.
About 400 RV owners live in their vehicles full time, and their only fee is for vehicle license plates. Pembroke Park has 17 RV and mobile-home parks, Town Manager Robert Levy said.
Because many RVs come and go in Pembroke Park, the city is accustomed to supplying services to visitors. But when RV owners set up permanent residence in town, they should no longer be treated like visitors, town commissioners said.
Notices will be mailed to RV owners who live in Pembroke Park year round. They will have until Oct. 1 to pay the $25 permit fee, Levy said.