The Family Motor Coach Association’s (FMCA) international convention revenue declined by 10% in 2003, compared with 2002, FMCA National Treasurer Connie Pool reports in the current edition of Family Motor Coaching magazine.
The FMCA’s international conventions last year in Pomona, Calif., and suburban Buffalo, N.Y., brought in $2,701,500 in revenue, compared with $3,011,477 brought in by the international conventions in Perry, Ga., and Hutchinson, Kan., in 2002, Pool reports.
The Pomona gathering last year attracted 2,778 family coaches and the Buffalo area drew 3,842 family coaches. In 2002, the Perry gathering had ,4,572 coaches and the Hutchinson rally had 3,667 family coaches.
The decrease of a little more than 1,600 coaches in 2003 explains the convention revenue decline, Perry wrote.
The two international conventions are considered operations of Family Motor Coaching Inc., the for-profit corporation owned by the nonprofit FMCA. To obtain tax advantages, the association uses earnings from its international conventions to offset its overhead and administrative costs. Consequently, FMCA international conventions historically operate at a loss, according to Pool.
Last year’s Pomona convention posted a net loss of $412,488. The association had planned on a loss of $273,901 for the event.
A total of $570,081 in national overhead costs were applied to the Pomona show.
Meanwhile, last year’s Buffalo-area show generated a net loss of $544,177. A loss of $404,404 was budgeted.
A total of $571,198 in national overhead costs were applied to the Buffalo-area convention.