FMCA, an international organization for RV owners, announced the addition of Hankook Tires to its tire savings program. The Hankook Travelers Club offers FMCA members discounted rates on RV, light truck, and passenger car tires.

“We are excited to add Hankook to the lineup of tires FMCA members can purchase via our tire savings program,” FMCA national President Jon Walker said in a press release. “Countless FMCA members have shared with us how they have saved significant sums of money when purchasing tires from the current providers, and it’s nice to provide another option.”

Tires are a critical component of any vehicle, and they can be a costly expenditure. The FMCA program also provides special rates on motorhome, light truck, and passenger car tires from Michelin and RV tires from Continental. With Hankook added to the mix, members now have several brands from which to choose.

Members can buy tires at the program price at any participating commercial Michelin, Continental, or Hankook RV tire dealer across the United States. 

For more information about the FMCA Tire Savings Program, visit FMCA.com/rv-tires-discounts or call FMCA at 800-543-3622.