Not-for-profit RV owner organization FMCA recently assigned its 500,000th membership to Stacey and Shari Froemming of Omaha, Neb.

“I’ve got to say, it’s pretty cool,” Stacey Froemming said in a press release. “That’s a huge milestone.”

The Froemmings became RVers in the spring of 2016 when they bought a Unity motorhome from Leisure Travel Vans. They are active in the Leisure Travelers Club, and several members encouraged them to join FMCA, according to a press release.

FMCA was founded in July 1963, and assigning membership numbers started immediately for record-keeping purposes, but it also helped with promotion of the association. Each member family is assigned a numbered oval-shaped emblem to display on their RV to let others know of their affiliation.

The numbers are assigned for life and not reused. If someone leaves the RV lifestyle temporarily but later rejoins FMCA, they are assigned the same membership number. Over the years FMCA has touched 500,000 RVing families, according to the release.

The association also assigns legacy numbers so families are able to share the same membership number, with the addition of a suffix to indicate the familial relationship. The numbers also indicate how long someone has been a member.

FMCA currently has more than 80,000 active RV families in its ranks, representing more than 150,000 individuals. Although FMCA began as an association for owners of motorized RVs, the membership-owned organization took a vote two years ago that resulted in owners of all types of RVs being invited to join, and the number of owners of towable RVs joining the FMCA family continues to increase.