Suburban Buffalo, N.Y., dealership Colton RV had its best July ever thanks in part to the Family Motorcoach Association (FMCA) International Convention, which occurred in another Buffalo suburb a few weeks ago.
“We generated a lot of business (due to the FMCA rally), some of it out-of-state, some in-state,” said Jeff Schollnick, general sales manager at Colton RV, a single-location dealership in North Tonawanda, N.Y., which does about $30 million in annual sales. “We’ll have our best July ever due to the rally.”
There are dealers who are angry about RV retailers from distant parts of the country selling units at FMCA rallies occurring in their home regions. But Schollnick, who sold Holiday Rambler-brand units by Monaco Coach Corp. and Allegro units by Tiffin Motor Homes Inc. at FMCA show, believes that anger is misplaced because the motorhome business “is a nationwide business.”
The towables business “is much more regional, more local,” because towables buyers, generally, are employed full-time, Schollnick said. But motorhome owners, particularly the highline segment served by the FMCA, is national in scope because it includes a high percentage of full-timer RVers, he said.
Consequently, Schollnick felt it was good to have dealers from as far away as the West Coast selling units at the FMCA show near Buffalo because “it brings more people (potential customers) to the table.”
Colton RV has sold units for years at FMCA rallies and at the annual Pennsylvania RV & Camping Association show in Harrisburg, Pa. The dealership likely will participate in the next FMCA rally, scheduled for March 16-18 in Albuquerque, N.M.
Schollnick added that he did not believe New York state’s laws were any more difficult to deal with than the laws of other states where FMCA rallies occur.
Because New York state law prohibits anyone from out of state, except dealers from its five neighboring states, from selling motor vehicles inside of New York, dealers from far away had to consign their motorhomes to licensed New York state dealers for sale during the FMCA convention, which occurred July 18-20.