Some of the vendors at this year’s FMCA motorcoach conference have traveled a long way to get to Minot, N.D. KFRY TV reported that RV Country drove 28 used diesel pushers all the way from the West Coast just to be a part of the 100th-year celebration.

“This one has the full wall slide on it, whereas a lot of coaches will have two slides on one side so this one really, when we go inside, will open up the floor plan,” said Curt Curtis, president of RV Country.

They’re no stranger to the convention.

“We have been doing FMCA rallies since 1992, so we have come to everyone that they have had. Usually they have two a year. They will have them anywhere in the United States and so where ever they have them that’s where we go,” said Curtis.

It’s a tradition of sorts that brings nearly 30 RVs halfway across the country.

“First of all, we have to drive them here, so most of ours came about 1,200 miles away. But then we bring a full team here that does the exterior details the interior details. Then as we sell them we have a whole service team that does all the maintenance on it. Makes sure that everything is working,” said Curtis.

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