The sensitive issue of dealer territorial rights surfaced again in advance of the Family Motorcoach Association’s (FMCA) 70th International Convention, which begins near Buffalo, N.Y., on Friday (July 18).
But the FMCA, exhibiting manufacturers and New York state officials apparently reached an accord that will allow dealers from outside New York to sell coaches during the upcoming rally as long as they jump through a few hoops.
New York has a law that states that shows similar to the FMCA’s must have a total of 50 in-state and out-of-state dealers, said Jerry Yeatts. FMCA’s director of conventions and commercial services. If there are out-of-state dealers, except for those from Pennsylvania, they may display their motorhomes, but may not be represented unless they consign the motorhome to a New York-licensed dealer.
“Consigning, although not the most desirable choice, gives the out-of-state dealer an opportunity to fully participate in the FMCA convention,” Yeatts said. “There is a greater opportunity for our out-of-state dealers to display and sell their product.
“However, to limit liability, out-of-state dealers using the consignor may only sell to out-of-state purchasers,” according to Yeatts. “Therefore, New York dealers still have an opportunity to sell to 100% of the (FMCA) families, while out-of-state dealers have access to (approximately) 80% of the (FMCA) members attending the convention.
“The law, to say the least, is very confusing and is open to interpretation,” Yeatts said. “Both the FMCA and the New York State DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) believe we are in compliance with the letter and spirit of the law.”