The turnout was pretty impressive this week at the Georgia National Fairgrounds for the Family Motor Coach Association’s (FMCA) 81st International Convention March 15-19 in Perry – especially given all the economic variables in play.

“We are pleased with the turnout,” said Don Signs Your Ex Girlfriend Wants You Back Eversmann, FMCA executive director. “A significant number of our members are here. We are running about 2,700 families, and we expect some more to register before the event is over.”

Indoor exhibits, boosted in part by local day passes, were busy Monday on opening day. Outside exhibits were inundated by rain – it invariably rains in Perry, one of FMCA’s favorite convention venues – while a sea of motorhomes surrounded the site in the rolling hills of Georgia. This year marked the sixth time that FMCA has hosted a rally in Perry.

FMCA depends on about 800 volunteers, with members often donating four to eight hours, to coordinate the event in Perry.

“Perry is a dynamite location,” said Eversmann. “And they continue to improve it. Right now, they have major construction going on and we are looking forward to coming back.”

Eversmann said that attendees seemed to be looking beyond the backdrop of a tenuous American economy.

“I think they are hoping like everybody else that it’s (the recession) going to be short-lived and turn around and our industry will get its feet back on the ground quickly,” he said.

The turnout, if anything, is a reminder of the resilience of the American RV consumer, he maintained.

“Yes, we’ve been hearing good news from other RV shows and we are very pleased with this event and the number of people who have joined us here,” Eversmann said. “And we are looking forward to Bowling Green (July 20-23).”

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