In a message to the membership of the Family Motor Coach Association (FMCA) that looked a lot like an endorsement of President George W. Bush, FMCA National President R.G. Wilson roundly praised the incumbent U.S. President for his religious nature and general faith-based policies.
Those views are consistent, Wilson pointed out in his column in the latest (September) issue of Family Motor Coaching magazine, with the expansion FMCA has experienced recently in the number of faith-based chapters, mostly Christian and at least one Jewish.
“Nearly four years ago, President George W. Bush began emphasizing a need for the citizens of the United States to become more compassionate and helpful to their fellow man,” Wilson told the membership of the 130,000-family, Cincinnati-based motorhome owners club on the doorstep of the Republican convention. “He is a family man, a man of God, and believes that many of our world problems and conflicts can be solved through prayer, communication, and faith-based organizations working together. Being a Christian and a church member, I share this belief and philosophy.”
Wilson said FMCA currently has 470 chapters, mostly centered around shared interests, from camping to golfing, fishing and common motorhome brand ownership. And lately, he added, more of them have focused on a common interest in religion.
“During the past few years,” he added, “FMCA has seen many new chapters formed all over North America whose members have faith in God and want to develop friendships with those of like faith. As president of this great family organization, I am very pleased and have encouraged these chapters to form, because I believe God should be first in every family.”
“Coaches of Christ” chapters appealing to all Christian persuasions have been formed in nine of FMCA’s geographic areas and plans are being discussed for a tenth, Wilson said. There’s a “Roamin’ Catholics” group, whose members arrange for Masses at rallies. And a new Jewish chapter is called “CHAI-Chavurat Yehudim.”
“My wife, Jeri, and I are very pleased to see these faith-based chapters formed in FMCA,” he added. “We love the motorhome lifestyle and feel very blessed to be able to travel and enjoy seeing this great land in which we live. Having close friends with like beliefs and faith in God is comforting and rewarding while on the road. … I am thankful that I live in a land that I can worship God as I choose based upon my understanding of the Bible. I am also thankful that we have a God-fearing president like George W. Bush leading our nation.”