FMCA’s monthly publication, which first rolled off the presses in 1964 shortly after the RV owners group was founded, has a new title and a fresh new look. Family Motor Coaching is now Family RVing.

“The new title chosen for the magazine, Family RVing, embraces the fact that FMCA represents a close-knit community of RVers, tied together by a love of traveling and exploring, discovering new places, and meeting new people,” said Jon Walker, FMCA national president, in a press release. “‘Family,’ and ‘RVing’ are part of our heritage, our present, and our future.”

FMCA turned to Bates Creative Group, an award-winning agency based in Silver Spring, Md., to lead the first refresh of the magazine in a decade. Their designers worked with the FMCA staff to create a publication that would appeal not only to the group’s current membership but also to the new members the club plans to welcome to the fold.

“RVing is all about having fun, and we want the magazine to reflect that,” said FMCA Executive Director Chris Smith. “I believe we’ve accomplished that with this rejuvenation and rebranding of our monthly publication. We’ve also unveiled a new website dedicated to the magazine, and we invite RVers to check it out. FamilyRVingmag.com is a great resource for members and prospective members alike.”

 “The focus has always been on the RV community – the members of the association – and meeting their needs,” added Walker. “And the members have affirmed that by voting to welcome like-minded RV owners whose vehicles don’t happen to have their own motive force. We all share a passion for traveling the continent by RV and enjoying all the lifestyle has to offer.”

FMCA is a member-owned, not-for-profit organization. Last fall the members voted to branch out and welcome owners of all types of self-contained recreation vehicles. Prior to that, association membership had focused on owners of motorized RVs — motorhomes.

For information about how to sign up for FMCA membership, which includes a subscription to Family RVing magazine, visit FMCA.com.