Pleasure-Way Plateau XL

Pleasure-Way Plateau XL

Editor’s Note: The following article, authored by Bob Zagami for the May 2015 issue of Family Motor Coaching magazine, offers an overview of the Pleasure-Way Plateau XL widebody coach. The magazine is published by Cincinnati-based Family Motor Coach Association (FMCA). For the full story click here.

As the RV industry prepares for the next generation of RVers, the Millennials, we see what could quickly evolve into a paradigm shift in how a younger, more mobile generation will look at motorhomes and their importance in their lifestyle. This generation likely will be more demanding of RVs and related services. They will expect excellent service and support wherever their travels may take them. This generation’s idea of RVing may differ considerably from that of their parents or grandparents.

However, an increasing number of today’s RVers, whether new to the mobile lifestyle or not, are more attuned than ever before to the latest technology and features inherent in modern recreation vehicles. They also expect quality products and services.

Enter the Pleasure-Way Plateau XL, produced by Pleasure-Way Industries, of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, which should be able to serve both groups. This motorhome is not much bigger than many cars on the road today. In fact, many people are choosing it as a second vehicle.

Millennials and many others may desire the full functionality of larger motorhomes — but in a smaller package. During a recent inspection of a Plateau XL, I determined that this Type B can meet those needs.

The new Plateau XL is built on the popular 170-inch-wheelbase Mercedes-Benz diesel cab chassis and powered by a 3-liter V-6 BlueTEC turbo-diesel engine. The motorhome measures 22 feet 9 inches long, which makes it easy to drive and maneuver.

Pleasure-Way has specialized in Type B motorhomes since the company’s inception in 1986. Canadian RV dealer Merv Rumpel established the company in 1986 after he became convinced he could produce a more luxurious, better-quality Type B motorhome than those being offered at the time. Today, Merv’s son, Dean, serves the company as CEO. Pleasure-Way currently produces five Type B models on Mercedes-Benz, Chevrolet, and Dodge Ram ProMaster chassis.

Stepping Inside

It would be a disservice to start by describing the Plateau XL from the outside, since the interior struck me as an engineering marvel. It may dispel any preconceptions you might have about what typically resides inside a Type B motorhome.

Upon entering the coach, via the side door, you face one of its best features: a Murphy bed. When not in use, the bed is concealed vertically behind a decorative panel on the street-side wall, at the back of a power sofa/daybed.

The sofa itself, topped with memory foam and covered in Ultraleather, flattens out for a nap or a good night’s rest with the touch of a button. The sofa also functions as an eating area when a removable table is set into place in front of it; the table and its tri-foot base can be stowed in a cabinet when not needed. Two large full-extension drawers provide storage beneath the sofa.

When setting up the Murphy bed for sleeping, you simply put the couch in the flat position and pull the bed down over it. Though a manual operation, it is made easy with two gas struts. While the bed is not quite a full queen size, it will fit many couples comfortably. It, too, contains memory foam.

Across from the couch is a half-wall of cabinetry, a window, and a 32-inch LED LCD TV and Blu-ray player. The television is well placed for viewing when sitting on the sofa or lying down in bed, which is not always the case in motorhomes. Above the window and television are additional cabinets for storage. The skylight in this area opens to provide ventilation and is outfitted with a screen. It also allows in plenty of light and comes with a day shade.

The Plateau XL’s living area is maneuverable in part thanks to its 6-feet-8-inch interior height. Comfort is assured with a 16,000-Btu auto-ignition propane furnace and a 13,500-Btu roof-mounted air conditioner. Hot water is always available, thanks to a tankless water heater.

Multiplex wiring substantially reduces the amount of wiring run throughout the coach and reduces the number of individual switches by consolidating them in three switch panels — a master switch at the entry door to control all lighting, for example. Recessed LED lighting is located throughout.

The compact galley is sandwiched between the sofa and rear bathroom. A small step-up leads to the kitchen and bath areas. Here, the interior height is reduced to 6 feet 5 inches so as to make room for larger holding tanks below the floor.

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