The Family Motor Coach Association (FMCA) is calling on its members to help with recruiting efforts, hoping to reverse the association’s decline in membership.
“We want you to help bolster FMCA membership. And we need you to do it today,” FMCA Executive Director Don Eversmann wrote in an editorial published in March issue of Family Motor Coaching, the club’s monthly magazine. “The number of new members joining FMCA is not keeping pace with the number of members who are not renewing, and membership levels are dropping.”
FMCA members have traditionally been quite effective in recruiting new members, but their efforts have fallen short in recent years. “In 2002,” Eversmann wrote, “FMCA family member recruitments represented 43% of the total number of new members that year. In 2003, the percentage grew to 45%. Unfortunately, in 2004 and 2005, FMCA family member recruitments fell to 41%.”
“This is a trend that I would love to see reversed,” Eversmann continued. “Family member recruitments have dropped by almost 200 recruitments per month in three years. We definitely need your help in working to reverse this trend.”
Eversmann said FMCA is willing to reward recruiters with several incentives. Those who recruit one new member will receive a free copy of the FMCA North American Road Atlas & Travel Guide, while each subsequent recruitment earns a $10 coupon that can be redeemed for FMCA logo merchandise or Camping World merchandise.
Those who recruit five new members in a calendar year will also receive one free year of membership in FMCA, while those who recruit 100 new members will receive an FMCA watch.
New FMCA members will receive a six-month free membership in Camping World’s President’s Club, a six-month free KOA Value Kard, and a free Woodall’s North American Campground Directory in addition to their standard FMCA benefits, which include a subscription to Family Motor Coaching and enrollment in FMCA’s MEDEX Emergency Medical Evacuation Program.