Attendance at last month’s Family Motor Coach Association (FMCA) Winter International Convention in Oklahoma City was down 30% when compared with the year 2000 convention and down 32% when compared with the 1999 version of the event.

There were 3,458 member coaches at this year’s convention, compared with 4,937 units at the 2000 event in Pomona, Calif., and 5,075 member coaches at the gathering in Perry, Ga., during 1999.

This year’s FMCA winter convention occurred April 3-5, a few weeks before the recent stock market rally. The sliding stock market apparently had a negative impact on this year’s attendance because many motorhome industry executives believe “as the stock market goes, so do sales of motorhomes,” said Jerry Yeatts, director of conventions and commercial services for the FMCA.

Because the Cincinnati-based FMCA only recently started accepting reservations for its Summer Grand International Convention in Redmond, Ore., Aug. 14-16, Yeatts said it is too early speculate about attendance at that event.

It is possible to register for the summer convention by going to the FMCA’s Web site, www.fmca.org, or by calling 800 543 3622 or 513 474 3622.

Next year’s FMCA winter convention will be in Perry, Ga., March 19-21.