A 27.3% decline in camping-trailer sales in September offset modest gains in the fifth-wheel and travel-trailer markets, resulting in a 1.6% drop in towable sales of 345 units for the month compared to the same period in 2003.
According to Statistical Surveys Inc., fifth-wheel sales increased 4.5% to 6,975 units in September while travel-trailer sales rose 1.1% to 12,419. The independent market research firm also reported that park-model sales declined 11.1% to 442 units in September.
For the month, fold-downs dipped from 2,658 units sold last year to 1,932 this year. During the third quarter, camping-trailer sales declined 13.7% to 8,581 units and were down 7.8% with 26,229 units sold year to date.
Other highlights include the following:
* Combined towable sales totaled 21,768 units in September and increased 5.7% to 73,945 units in the third quarter. For the first nine months, sales were up 10.8% to 218,421 units compared to 197,161 in 2003.
* Travel-trailer sales showed a 7% increase to 41,585 units in the third quarter and an 11.5% gain year to date with 122,018 units sold compared to 109,409 last year.
* Third-quarter fifth-wheel sales grew 12.6% to 22,230 units and rose 18.7% for the first nine months with 65,629 units sold compared to 55,304 in 2003.
* Park-model sales were up 8.4% to 1,549 units in the third quarter and showed a 13.7% increase year to date with 4,545 units sold compared to 3,996 in 2003.
* Combined travel-trailer and fifth-wheel sales increased 2.3% in September, 8.9% for the third quarter and 13.9% year to date with 187,647 units sold compared to 164,713 in 2003.