Motorhome and RV owners in Port Moody, British Columbia, are getting a reprieve this summer, and it has nothing to do with the cool weather.

Coquitlam Now reported that after enacting a bylaw earlier this year that put restrictions on the length of time large vehicles could be parked on city streets, politicians have voted to strike down a portion of the new rules.

While commercial and oversized vehicles are still only allowed to park on streets for a maximum of 48 hours, RVs, trailers and motorhomes can stay parked indefinitely.

The bylaw was originally enacted because the city receives a number of complaints from residents regarding parking each month.

Since the bylaw took effect in March, the city has enforced it on a complaint basis, handling just 25 complaints regarding nine vehicles. But after receiving feedback from RV owners who argued the bylaw was too onerous, council decided to make a change.

Councilman Gerry Nuttall, who noted he owns a travel trailer, said the bylaw didn’t address issues like people visiting family or friends who might be staying longer than two days, or the time it takes RV owners to prep or winterize their vehicles. Council asked staff to review the bylaw next year after more data is collected.

Not all councilmen wanted to see the bylaw change. Rick Glumac voted against it, citing concerns over safety, specifically over RVs blocking drivers’ views.