Ford Motor Co. reached a tentative four-year agreement with the United Auto Workers (UAW) union late Monday night (Sept. 15), less than 24 hours after DaimlerChrysler and the union reached an agreement, according to the Detroit Free Press.
Consequently, General Motors Co. is the lasdt of the Big Three domestic automakers that has not settled with the UAW.
As far as the RV industry is concerned, it is important for all three automakers to reach agreements without a work stoppage because the three firms are significant suppliers to the motorhome sector.
According to the Free Press, the deal between the UAW and Ford follows the pattern set by the agreement between the union and DaimlerChrysler, which means union members will get a $3,000 signing bonus but no pay raise during the first year of the contract, except for a cost of living adjustment expected to amount to about 2%.
DaimlerChrysler negotiated the right to permanently close a window glass plant in Detroit, a foundry in Indianapolis and to sell an electronic components plant in Alabama, according to the newspaper.
Additionally, UAW members will be allowed to fill new jobs at DaimlerChrysler’s nonunion Mercedes Benz plant in Alabama, prior to a vote on whether to unionize the plant.
UAW members working for DaimlerChrysler and Ford are expected to vote in a week or two on whether to ratify their new contracts.
Negotiations between the union and General Motors are continuing, according to the Free Press.