Ford is recalling an additional 26,000 examples of its 2015-2017 Transit vans and chassis cabs equipped with a trailer tow module.

CNET reported that the recall of these full-size trucks is an expansion of an existing campaign from last October, bringing the total number of affected units to 99,893 vehicles in North America, of which 90,864 were purchased in the US.

The recall centers on a problematic trailer tow module that could be subject to water intrusion, a condition that could lead to corrosion. If that happens, the module could wreak havoc with the Transit’s electrical system, manifesting itself in a number of different ways, including loss of instrument cluster readouts, rapid turn-signal blinking, inoperable heater and ventilation controls, and malfunctioning infotainment. 

In more extreme scenarios, prolonged exposure to water could short out a ground wire that could trigger the seatbelt pretensioners or even increase the risk of fire whether the vehicle is operating or not.

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