unnamedBenton, Ky.-based Ford’s RV Refrigeration Training Center (FRVRTC) will be marking its first year of operation on July 1.

According to a press release, the company is the only licensed school providing education worldwide on RV refrigeration recycling. The Ford training program consists of certified hands-on and on-line training.

“It was a huge challenge to obtain accreditation as there was no other educational facility to compare FRVRTC to,” said Roger Ford. “However, after years of hard work and determination, the accreditation was finally achieved. Now FRVRTC has international followers and their RV Referral Network (RVRN) is expanding around the world.

Roger Ford, and his wife Onna Lee, are excited about the growth of the network because it “helps others increase their customer base and profits, saves RV owners money and reduces the carbon footprint.” With a global passion to go green, recycling RV refrigeration units changes waste materials into quality products which reduces the need for “conventional” waste disposal.

This first year as a school, FRVRTC has offered the online training at a reduced price. As of June 30, the reduced price will end. For more facts on recycling environmentally friendly RV refrigeration units go to rvrefrigeration.com.