unnamedJust over a year ago, Ford RV Technical Center (FRVTC) started releasing a series of do-it-yourself videos on YouTube to help RV owners and technicians in troubleshooting and repairing an RV refrigerator.

Today, with more than 200,000 views and almost 2,000 subscribers, FRVTC has learned how “the power of video works,” said owner Roger Ford in a press release.

“Take a look at our new website that features this valuable tool,” he said. “We have had an increase in sales, repair and an unprecedented interest in our RV refrigeration training. Do not underestimate the impact for your business using the Internet. However, don’t give up on old fashion print. Part of this growth has been generated from magazines.”

The heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration industry is embracing the Fords’ RV refrigeration repair service, he added.

“They see it as a great opportunity to increase their profits from sales and service on RV appliances,” said Ford.