Lippert Components,Inc. (LCI) announced that it has partnered with Ford Motor Co. to bring the OneControl smart RV technology to its vehicles via SYNC 3 and AppLink. According to a press release, Ford owners will now be able to access OneControl’s app features in order to monitor and control their RV while towing with a properly equipped Ford vehicle.

OneControl users will now be able to control and monitor their RV’s connected functions and features, all from the Ford SYNC 3 touchscreen. Most features available through LCI’s OneControl system can be controlled using SYNC voice commands or a simple button press. Access to the RV’s HVAC, generator, lighting, fresh, grey and black water tanks and monitoring battery voltage can all be accessed by connecting the OneControl application with AppLink.

“The majority of Super Duty customers use their trucks to tow, so we’re always looking for ways to improve that experience,” said Brian Rathsburg, Ford Super Duty marketing manager. “Integrating OneControl smart RV trailer controls with SYNC 3 and Applink is a natural extension to our towing technology innovations like class-exclusive Pro Trailer Backup Assist, Trailer Reverse Guidance and Trailer Sway Control, and further improves the towing experience for existing and future customers.”

“We’re very excited about this new venture. Working with Ford Motor Co. firmly advances the possibilities available to end users. As we continue to innovate and propel our technology-based product growth, automotive industry partnerships will allow for a more well-rounded experience for the customer, providing even more flexibility and opportunities to command and customize recreational experiences,” stated Rob Ford, LCI’s chief technology officer.

“Our teams have worked tirelessly to improve the RVing experience with increased safety, peace of mind and convenience. AppLink-enabling the OneControl app with Ford is a significant advancement in those areas,” said Mark Woloszyk, general manager at LCI Technologies.

Users can update their current LCI OneControl mobile app or download it from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Android App Store and then connect to SYNC via AppLink once inside their Ford vehicle. No new RV hardware is required for use and no software update is required for the Ford vehicle. “Anyone currently with a Ford truck equipped with SYNC 3 and a OneControl-equipped trailer will have access to these new features and advanced capabilities,” said Woloszyk.

The OneControl app technology is now compatible with millions of Ford vehicles in the U.S. running SYNC 3 and AppLink, beginning with the 2016 model year.