Ford Transit van

One of the quietest segments in the auto industry is due for a big shakeup. Ford Motor Co. is announcing today (March 27) that not only is it going to bring its turbocharged EcoBoost engine to its new line of commercial vans, but a diesel engine as well.

USA Today reported the alternative fuel engines will show up in the Transit, the van that is due to replace the E-Series, or Econoline. Both promise far better fuel economy, up to 25%, than the gas engines available today.

“With fleet operators facing skyrocketing fuel prices and constant pressure to reduce costs, Ford continues to expand its range,” said Kevin Koswick, director, North American fleet, lease and remarketing operations for Ford. “By offering multiple options to help solve these challenges, Ford is giving fleet customers true power of choice in finding solutions that best meet their specific needs.”

The Transit is developed off of the European-style vans that look more akin to what UPS or FedEx drivers use in the U.S. Chrysler, and now Mercedes-Benz, have already shown that American business are anxious for the larger vehicle through the success of the Sprinter van. Nissan also appears to have a hit in its NV line of vans.

Ford will make its Transit in Kansas City starting in 2013.