unnamedFord’s RV Refrigeration Training Center’s online training initiative, instituted last year, is attracting technicians from across the U.S. and also internationally.

According to a press release, the global “RV Referral Network” is growing since individuals in other countries are using the online training program. The company reported that the program complements the hands-on training course conducted in Benton, Ky.

On June 1, Ford’s RV Refrigeration Training Center scheduled students from Indiana, British Columbia, and California. Next month, the hands-on training class will include a student who owns an RV dealership in the U.K.

“We’re passionate about educating about this in-demand service that RV owners are desperately searching for, and are very pleased that the interest from the RV industry is starting to grow,” said Roger Ford, who owns the training center with his wife, Onna Lee.

For more information on how to become a certified RV refrigeration specialist, visit www.rvrefrigeration.com.