Ford’s RV Refrigeration Training Center (FRVTC) is marking 34 years of specializing in RV refrigerator cooling this year.

According to a press release, the program received certification as a Kentucky state school four years ago while also being approved by the Veterans Administration of Education in 2016.

Every year, the network of RV refrigerator repair specialists grows, the release stated, as 2018 is seeing records for student attendance, hits at its website and other media outlets. In addition, FRVTC is capturing over 1,403 views per day at its free DIY troubleshooting and repair videos on RV refrigerators.

“We are delighted to be helping so many RV owners stay cool while saving them money and keeping thousands of RV refrigerators and cooling units out of our landfills each year,” said owner Roger Ford. “FRVRTC’s mission has always been to educate others worldwide on RV  refrigerators, save the RV owners money, provide the best warranty and reduce our carbon footprint.”