Michael Youngblood

Ford’s RV Service and Training Center (FRVSTC) in Benton, Ky., has named Michael Youngblood as RV refrigerator specialist and lead instructor.

A Benton native, Youngblood earned a bachelor’s from the University of Alabama in Huntsville in 2004. In 2010, he obtained his professional engineering license in the states of Kentucky and Illinois.

“Michael has already been a great addition to our work force,” said FRVSTC owner Roger Ford. “His skills have enabled us to place more responsibility on him sooner than we expected.”

FRVSTC, which services the entire RV, specializes in RV absorption refrigeration service, training and consulting and is the only establishment in the United States to offer a certified training course in refurbishing RV refrigerators. The center also offers training on the other RV appliances.