Ford’s RV Training Center, also the headquarters of the RV Referral Network (RVRN), has invited all RV refrigerator manufacturers to participate in an independent, side-by-side RV refrigerator evaluation.

According to a press release, Atwood Mobile Products LLC and Dometic Corp. will participate in the evaluation and have donated the required refrigerators and cooling units.

“This adventure has been inspired by the many questions RV owners have daily asked all of the members of the RVRN. Therefore, they will be evaluating these refrigerators with RV owners in mind,” said Roger Ford, co-owner with his wife Onna Lee of Ford’s RV Training Center, where the multiple stages of testing are being performed.

Ford said he anticipates the evaluation will have a positive impact for RV owners and the RV industry.

The Fords have 34 years of experience in the field. They have also scheduled the release of a 2012 edition of their third book about RV refrigerators that will be sent complimentary to more than 23,943 RV parks, campgrounds, clubs, dealers, repair centers and manufacturers throughout the United States and Canada.

For more information, visit www.rvrefrigeration.com.