According to analysts, the RV industry has benefitted since the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks because Americans decided to vacation closer to home, presumably in RVs they bought recently or are planning to buy.
How much of an effect those events had on RV sales is not known, but it is becoming apparent that Americans now are less afraid of traveling overseas, according to a recent Wall Street Journal article and other sources.
For example, online travel agency Travelocity reports its air-travel reservations to Europe are 30% higher than they were at this time a year ago, the Journal reported on Thursday (March 25).
Expedia.com, another online travel firm, reports its bookings to Europe for the second quarter of this year are 78% higher versus the second quarter of last year, the Journal also reported.
However, not everything is rosy as far as travel to Europe and other overseas destinations is concerned.
The U.S. dollar has lost 12% of its value against the euro in the past year, so domestic leisure is cheaper.
But the European travel industry has responded with discount lodging rates and other offers to encourage more Americans to visit their countries despite the weaker dollar.