Lippert Components Inc. (LCI) announced that Forest River Inc. has adopted the OneControl ConnectAnywhere smart RV technology for all 2020 Cedar Creek and Riverstone brand units. According to a press release, new 2020 Cedar Creek and Riverstone owners will receive a free Amazon Echo Dot, as well as three free months of data from Lippert.

2020 Forest River Cedar Creek and Riverstone units will feature the smart RV technology of OneControl ConnectAnywhere, which allows users to access the internet through a cellular connection. ConnectAnywhere provides an increased signal range, beyond simple “off-the-shelf” mobile hotspots. ConnectAnywhere incorporates cellular technology, which allows owners to control and monitor many of their RV systems from anywhere there is an available cellular signal. Users will be able to control lighting, water tanks, and more, and with the free Amazon Echo Dot, owners can use voice commands to control their RV systems.

“ConnectAnywhere not only gets RVs into the touch-pad era, it also allows us to communicate on a platform users are familiar with. The ability to send information directly to the end consumers will enhance the ownership experience. We are very excited to offer OneControl ConnectAnywhere in these units,” said Curtis Gunter, general manager at Forest River.

OneControl ConnectAnywhere technology provides fast and reliable 4G LTE connectivity through OneControl Direct Link Technology. Recent upgrades to LCI’s OneControl software platform now allow for push notifications to be sent to the RV owner via the OneControl mobile app, alerting them to maintenance reminders or informing them of RV features they may not be aware of. OneControl also has the ability to report real-time diagnostic information that can help prevent possible maintenance issues, helping improve the customer experience.