Forest River has told a federal court in California that it has stopped producing truck campers, according to the attorney for Lance Camper Manufacturing Corp., which sued Forest River for allegedly copying its designs.

However, Lance, based in Lancaster, Calif., has not dropped the law suit, which claims Forest River committed copyright and trademark infringement and engaged in unfair competition, according to Jan Kurahara Jr., general counsel for Lance.

Forest River told the court it stopped building truck campers during “the early spring” of this year, Kurahara added.

“The urgency is gone but there still has to be resolution to this whole matter,” Kurahara said.

The suit, filed last February in U.S. District Court in Los Angeles, accuses Goshen, Ind.-based Forest River of redesigning its Real-Lite and Veri-Lite slide-in truck campers to make them virtually indistinguishable from Lance models.

The Real-Lite and Veri-Lite units that were the subject of the suit were displayed at the RV industry’s national trade show a year-ago.

There were “settlement discussions” involving Forest River and Lance “but those went into hibernation,” particularly after Forest River informed the court that it had stopped building truck campers, Kurahara said.

Forest River President Pete Liegl was not immediately available for comment.