tusonTuson RV Brakes LLC will be partnering with Forest River Inc.’s XLR toy hauler division to offer the Tuson Sway Control (TSC-1000) as an option on the XLR Nitro and XLR Thunderbolt fifth-wheel toy haulers and the XLR Hyperlite & XLR Nitro travel trailer toy haulers. Tuson is showing the TSC-1000 in Booth Nos. 608 and 610 at this week’s National RV Trade Show.

Forest River’s XLR Division will be the first RV manufacturer to offer the TSC-1000 as an option on its toy haulers.

The TSC-1000 uses electric brakes to reduce and control dangerous trailer sway to give the RV customer a safer towing experience. According to a press release, the TSC-1000 is currently the only “one size fits all” sway control solution available for use on fifth-wheels.

The TSC-1000 constantly monitors trailer sway by measuring the trailer angle, rate of change and other parameters. The TSC-1000 is wired directly into the electrical braking system of the fifth-wheel or trailer. As the trailer sway begins to grow beyond a normal amount, the TSC-1000 rapidly applies the electric brakes on the correct side of the RV with the proper braking level to quickly dampen sway and prevent the tow vehicle from getting out of control.

The TSC-1000 makes the towing experience safer by reducing and controlling dangerous trailer sway caused by high wind conditions, passing semi’s, excessive towing speeds, improper tire inflation, emergency maneuvers and improper loading.

Because the TSC-1000 is constantly monitoring and correcting dangerous trailer sway using the electric brakes, accidents and damage to trailers and fifth-wheels can be avoided. One size fits all trailers and fifth-wheels so no pre-programing is required.

The TSC-1000 can be installed on single axle trailers and up to four axle fifth-wheels. Once installed, the TSC-1000 never needs maintenance or adjustment.