Forest River Inc. has partnered with Tweddle Group to create a digital owner’s guide for its RV, marine and cargo trailer customers. According to a press release, the digital owner’s guide will provide a more convenient, comprehensive and personalized experience.

Available on the web and as a mobile application, the new digital owner’s guide is a “single source” where customers can get information about their product and all its various components.

“RVs have dozens of third-party components,” said Charlie Blaesser, Tweddle Group’s product director. “For example, the TV, refrigerator, air conditioning unit comes with its own set of manuals. 

The new Forest River owner’s guide aggregates that information for the consumer. “Instead of asking the consumer to start a new search every time they need help with a specific component, they can open the app, and find the help they need, all in one location,” says Blaesser.

The digital owner’s guide was designed and developed by Tweddle Group and is supported by its enterprise content delivery platform. “Now, Forest River’s brand product managers have a platform for managing and distributing model-specific information for their customers,” Blaesser says.

In addition, Tweddle Group’s platform measures how content is consumed and provides Forest River’s product managers with easy-to-interpret data

“How consumers use the owner’s guide provides unique insight into the product,” says Blaesser. “We can spot trends with specific RV features or components. Forest River can then disseminate that information throughout their organization, externally to vendors, and even out to the dealer, proactively helping the customer.”