Motorhome builder Foretravel Inc. is diversifying its product offerings with a new line of horse trailer conversions featuring living quarters that offer many of the amenities found in its high-end coaches.
“Most of them are built for transporting three or four horses with 14 to 15 feet of living space,” said Terry Nabours, director of marketing for the Nacogdoches, Texas-based firm. “The inside looks just like a Foretravel motorhome.”
According to a report in the Nacogdoches Daily Sentinel, the new endeavor began as an idea a few years ago from Richard Spring, Foretravel manager of customer service, but has only been a serious project for the last six months.
“It gives the people another avenue for a higher quality living area for anyone who wants to haul a horse, whether it be the rodeo people or the people who show horses,” Spring said.
Although new to Foretravel, the horse trailer conversion business is a longstanding niche industry, according to Nabours.
“I didn’t realize there were so many thousand of them until we started getting involved in it, and now I notice them everywhere,” Nabours said. “For us it’s been only a few months, but just a look at the industry shows companies that have been doing conversions for a long time.”
The need to branch out stems in part from a prolonged slowdown in the Class A motorhome sector.
“With the industry being depressed, we’ve been looking for other ways to maintain our production capacity and build enough products to keep everyone employed,” Nabours said. “But this isn’t something we’re looking to mass produce. We are building one-at-a-time custom units and looking to appeal to the top end of people in the horse business with very expensive horses.”
Horse trailer conversions may also spawn other new product lines.
“We’re also looking at not just the horse trailer business, but similar opportunities such as classic car hauling, or people on the dog show circuit, who wish to travel in motorhome style living quarters,” Nabours said. “There are several new venues we can take. This is something we’re going to keep on doing.”
The new product coincides with the Foretravel of Texas’ grand reopening under way Nov. 3-23.
“We’re celebrating the reopening of Foretravel with several service and sales specials,” he said, “and we have been doing cookouts and tech talks and hosting music events. We also hope we can get enough people to have a tailgate party.”