When Paul Chamberlain walked into Beckley’s Camping Center in Thurmont, Md., 18 years ago in search of a new motorhome for his family, he didn’t expect that encounter would lead to a career in RV sales, publishing, and video production.

“After 10 years in the insurance business, I was ready for a change,” Chamberlain told RVBUSINESS.com. At the time, he owned an insurance agency in Bel Air, about 25 miles northeast of Baltimore. Before that, Chamberlain served in the United States Air Force for nearly 10 years as a maintenance specialist, crew chief, and instructor teaching other airmen how to repair some of the most advanced fighter jets in the world.

While he never did buy that new RV from Beckley’s, Chamberlain did fall in love with RVs and helping others fulfill their dreams. Today, known by the moniker “The Air Force Guy,” Chamberlain is an executive sales consultant at that very same dealership. Admittedly, he lives and breathes RVs.

“I think of myself as a fun coordinator helping families create memories that will last a lifetime. Not many jobs can offer you that kind of satisfaction,” he said.

Those characteristics that helped Chamberlain excel in the Air Force — mechanical aptitude, attention to detail, and love of teaching — also serve him well in his RV career.

“At Beckley’s, we don’t hand the customer off to service for the delivery walk-through after we make the sale. Instead, as the salesman, I do it myself,” he explained, crediting this personal approach for providing valuable insight into the consumer’s needs.

Chamberlain is convinced that the key to delivering a long-term, positive RV experience is educating the customer about their RV’s operation and capabilities. He is so passionate about it that each of his customers receives a detailed operating and maintenance digital-guide written and produced by Chamberlain.

“Most manufacturer owner’s manuals are too vague and too general,” he explained. ” They don’t really answer the questions. Instead, they leave the RV owner frustrated and confused. I’ve invested hundreds of hours in my manuals and get down to the details.”

Another means by which Chamberlain aims to inform and educate is through his popular YouTube Channel. Every week he produces a walk-through video to provide viewers with an inside look at new products. Called “RV Reviews by The Air Force Guy,” his channel currently hosts hundreds of self-produced videos and boasts more than 10,000 subscribers.

Also, he regularly conducts maintenance seminars at local campgrounds.
In June of this year, Chamberlain’s mission took a big step forward when Amazon published his ebook, “At 213 pages, the ebook is intended to give readers a basic overview for using and maintaining their RV.

According to its Amazon description, “almost everything from getting ready to go camping to putting your travel trailer away for the winter and more is covered in this book. Years in the making and continually changing with the times.”

For more information, contact Chamberlain at [email protected], through his YouTube Channel, or visit him on his Facebook Page.

– Story Provided by Freelancer Jim Mac