Two former executives of defunct Oregon dealership Destinations RV are facing a criminal court trial on theft charges, according to The Register-Guard of Eugene, Ore.
Indicted by a Lane County, Ore., grand jury were John W. Howard and John Holtz. They have pleaded innocent to all charges. Both are free on bond awaiting trial.
Howard was a vice president of the dealership, which closed during December 2000 and was liquidated after filing bankruptcy a few months later. Holtz was the CFO of Destinations RV.
One charge involves the dealership’s alleged failure to payoff the balance on a loan that a couple had used to buy a motorhome. Destinations RV sold, on consignment, the couple’s motorhome and allegedly did not payoff their loan balance, and the new owner cannot obtain a license to drive the unit, because its title is not clear, according the the newspaper.
Other charges concern the dealership allegedly accepting customers’ money for extended warranty contracts and using the funds for other purposes, instead paying the providers for the policies.
The indictment involves 15 extended warranty contracts purchased for a total of $38,000. Those 15 customers found they had no extended warranty policies when they tried to file claims, according to The Register-Guard.