Ray C. Mathisen

Ray C. Mathisen

Raymond C. Mathisen, one time owner of Eaz-Lift Spring Corp. and industry pioneer, passed away on April 13 at his home in Burbank, Calif., two months short of his 94th birthday.

Mathisen left his job as an officer with the LAPD in the 1950’s to help his father, MH Mathisen, the founder of Eaz-Lift, to grow the family business. A blacksmith by trade, MH pounded out the first 500 spring bars for his weight distribution system by hand on an anvil in his shop. It was the beginning of a revolutionary product that would grow to multiple product lines for the towing industry.

Mathisen and his wife Lorraine traveled all over the United States by car, promoting their products at county fairs, RV shows, automotive shows and any other place that there might be a market for their growing product line. The products were manufactured in Burbank, Calif., London, Ontario, and Mansfield, Texas, with a distribution warehouse in Elkhart, Ind. He was active in the business right up until 2007, when he sold the business to Camco Mfg.

Mathisen was preceded in death by his wife Lorraine and his son, Ray Jr.