Orange County, Calif., government officials recently took control of the former Marine base at El Toro, and RV storage is one of the ways they are allowing the property to be used.

And soon, county officials will consider raising RV storage fees, according to the Orange County Register newspaper.

Orange County, located between Los Angeles and San Diego, is one of the country’s largest RV enthusiast markets.

The Orange County government became the owner of the former Marine base on Sept. 1.

Now, county officials are under pressure to maximize the property’s revenue-generating possibilities. Raising RV storage fees apparently will be considered as one of the options, according to the newspaper.

The amount of the proprosed RV storage fee increase was not revealed.

In many parts of the county, local governments have passed ordinances limiting the ability of RV owners to park their rigs on their property or at curbside. Consequently, RV storage has come to be viewed as a significant business opportunity in many areas.