Michael V. McKay, former executive vice president and chief marketing officer of RV aftermarket distributor Stag-Parkway Inc., has left Stag to launch Spot On Marketing LLC, Atlanta, Ga., a marketing and consulting agency intended to link suppliers with non-chain aligned RV dealerships.
As a result, McKay resigned his position as president of the RV Aftermarket Association (RVAA) on Oct. 31 and was succeeded in that role by former RVAA Vice President Piar Adams, director of sales for Carefree of Colorado Inc., Broomfield, Colo.
“What I found being in distribution for the last 16 years was that, as a general rule, agents represented products fairly but haven’t given them progressive marketing support,” said McKay, 60, Spot On managing partner. “There’s little strategizing about product placement and pricing. I see an opportunity for Spot On Marketing to more effectively bring product to the market and ultimately to the RV-consuming public.”
McKay said that Spot On will deal with “higher-level market penetration.”
“We are going to spend time with the supplier developing product placement, pricing and the training of sales personnel in the distributor community,” McKay said. “Each process will be defined in part by the product and where they are in the marketplace.
“If it’s an established company, there will be one strategy. If it’s a new product, they will be a different type of strategy. The strategy that we develop will really vary by where the product is in the market and on some level what the product is.”
McKay said Spot On initially will focus on the towing, electronics and mobile communications segments of the RV market.
“We’re not limited to that,” he said. “We are looking at other opportunities as well.”
Spot On also has established a relationship with D E Sales and Marketing in Eugene, Ore. “We both are independent businesses but we are collaborating,” McKay said.