Four Wheel Campers (FWC) opened its second company-owned dealership last month in Rosenberg, Texas, a suburb of Houston, and celebrated the grand opening with an open house last weekend, according to a report by Truck Camper Adventure.

“The open house went really well,” noted Dave Jansen, owner of the new Rosenberg Four Wheel Camper dealership. “We had seven FWC owners come in with their truck campers and had another 30 people wander in throughout the day to check out what we have. We had food and drinks, gave away T-shirts and hats, and my wife brought a little bounce-house for the kids. We had 10 different Four Wheel Camper models on display, including several Hawks, a Fleet, and a Grandby, and were supported by several owners who showed up with their campers. We had one customer who was interested in a Raven Shell model, and literally as we were talking about it, an owner pulled in with one. We were able to show that potential customer the exact model that we were just talking about, so it worked out real well.”

Part of the decision to open the new dealership in Rosenberg was based upon demand, part upon location. Texas has always been a hotbed for recreational vehicle sales, and with one out of five trucks in the United States being sold in Texas, opening a truck camper dealership in Texas made a lot of sense.

 “Part of it was what was available to rent, but mostly because Houston is an area with a large population,” Dave said, “and being on the eastern side of the state gave us access to Austin, Dallas, San Antonio as well as Louisiana and Arkansas. It’s a great location.”

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