Four Wheel Campers Inc., Woodland, Calif., a manufacturer of pop-up truck campers, has been purchased by Tom Hanagan, a former executive in the California food manufacturing industry.

“It was a well established manufacturing company,” said Hanagan, who purchased the 28-year-old firm in May from founder Benjamin Burnett. “I had been in the food manufacturing business and I wanted to get back into manufacturing. The company makes a good product and there is the phenomenon of Baby Boomer retiring and spending more time outdoors. There also is a strong hunting and fishing market generally.”

The company, which employs 25 people, manufactures five models in an all-aluminum pop-up truck camper line in lengths from 6 feet, 6 inches to 8 feet.

“We make long-bed and short-bed models for full-size and long-bed pickups and short-bed models for small and mid-sized trucks,” Hanagan said, adding that he doesn’t plan to change the company’s product lineup for the 2002 model year. “We are going to be sticking with what we are doing,” Hanagan said.

Hanagan said the company sells mostly factory direct, but also has a handful of established dealers on the West Coast.