A camper shell over a truck is the default for a lot of outdoorsy pickup owners. A truck’s high clearance, suspension, and four-wheel drive make camper shells a logical choice. But when compared to the creature comforts of RVs, the livability of camper shells pales in comparison.

As reported by GearJunkie, a four-wheel, pop-up camper provides the comforts of an RV in areas accessible only by high-clearance or 4WD vehicles. The pop-up design, constructed of both lightweight aluminum and marine-grade fabric, keeps height and weight manageable. Plus, it preserves as much of the handling characteristics of the vehicle as possible.

The four-wheel pop-up camper combines a truck camper with a pop-up trailer. It looks like an aluminum-sided truck camper with a top that extends over the truck cab. This one-piece aluminum lid extends upward to provide 6-feet, 4 inches to 6-feet, 6 inches of headroom inside.

Floorplans vary from sparsely appointed shell models to fully optional rollover couch versions with available dinette options. A refrigerator, air conditioner, furnace, water heater, vent fans, multi-burner stove, sink, insulation, awning, and a solar charging system are all available for each build. All models feature a bed that occupies the space over the truck cab.

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