The Go RVing Coalition’s Committee on Excellence decided today (June 7) to go ahead with a fourth consumer satisfaction survey despite the fact the J.D. Power & Associates market research firm currently is conducting a separate consumer satisfaction study.
The committee also agreed today to retain survey firm NOP World, formerly known as RoperASW, to survey RV owners next year.
The NOP World study will cost at least $440,000. The cost would increase if more than 20 manufacturers participate in the survey and if the participating manufacturers decide they want to be evaluated based upon their brands, instead of just by RV product type.
NOP World executives will attend the national Recreation Vehicle Dealers Association (RVDA) convention in Las Vegas in September to meet with manufacturers who want to make suggestions about how to improve next year’s survey.
The committee voted unanimously to go ahead with its fourth consumer satisfaction survey despite J.D. Power’s independent effort because comparing the NOP World survey with the J.D. Power survey would be like “comparing apples to oranges,” said Jim Sheldon, chairman of the committee and special assistant to the chairman of Monaco Coach Corp.
J.D. Power, which conducted the first consumer satisfaction survey for the committee in 1999, now is paying for its own survey. It plans to earn a return on its investment by persuading manufacturers to pay for details of its survey results, and, for an additional fee, allowing top-rated manufacturers to cite the survey results in their advertising.
Meanwhile, results of next year’s NOP World survey, as was the case with its 2001 and 2003 surveys for the committee, will be proprietary and intended for internal use by participating companies to improve their consumer satisfaction ratings.
J.D. Power recently revealed on the Family Motor Coach Association website, www.fmca.com, that is has not received enough online responses to its survey, so it will begin mailing survey questionnaires to motorhome owners later this month.
Consequently, the basic results of J.D. Power’s survey will not be posted on its website, www.jdpower.com, until October.
J.D. Power also decided to add “a select group” of owners of model year 2002 and 2003 Class A and Class C motorhomes to its current survey, J.D. Power partner Linda Schulz reported on the FMCA website.