A Dallas area company, Fractional Coach, believes it is the first firm to offer fractional ownership of bus conversions that, otherwise, retail for up to $1.4 million.
Fractional ownership, which other companies offer to the users of aircraft and yachts, is similar to the time-share concept for resort properties.
Under the Fractional Coach program, a couple, family, group of up to 15 or a corporation can, basically, buy a portion of a converted Prevost bus for use on occasion.
Most Fractional Coach customers will be able to buy partial ownership of a bus conversion “for less than the typical down payment (if they were buying it outright) and never experience the depreciation, debt service and timely management and maintenance issues that require a lot of their valuable time,” said Joshua Smith, director of sales and marketing for the Irving, Tex.-based firm.
“Fractional Coach allows its customers to experience all of the positive benefits of luxury coach ownership, while eliminating the negatives,” Smith said. “Most of our buyers are wealthy individuals and corporations that never considered such a purchase until the introduction of fractional ownership”
The typical luxury bus conversion owner uses the vehicle only three weeks out of the year, making fractional ownership an attractive alternative, Fractional Coach executives believe.